This you’re reading is a second edition of this page.


I wrote my very first micro-bio when I started this blog. And since I have been gone for quite some time – and now back again for good, I would like to start with a new and better slate.


Here are some things that I deem YOU should know.

brent guiriba

Hi my name is Brent. I am an ordinary desk-job-yuppie with a whole lot of dreams.

I have my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Ateneo de Naga University; I majored in Legal Management so I guess that explains the socio-political tone that every once in a while I use. Currently, I am working my way into hopefully earning (and saving) enough for another degree, this time in Communication Arts. I dream of being a writer, photojournalist and a marketing expert. I hope to someday day build my Ad agency.


Currently I am back at my hometown and am living with my Papa, my sisters and their kids. I am greeted every single day of the small sub-urban hustle-bustle beneath the world famous Mt. Mayon. I am about to turn 22 in a few months, and yes, this place somehow bores the adventurer slash party animal in me. But none the less, am enjoying my stay.


I have a huge fascination with Thailand – without the non-patriotic tone. I hope to stay there, and work. I am also one little Asian aficionado, I hope to lay foot on many Asian countries before I die. I like the adventure and the cosmopolitan appeal that these countries offer.


I am a fashion patron. So every once in a while I might post fashion boo boos and other non-important-but-hey-who-cares posts. I have a thing with beautiful things, and people. So you might find them here.


I believe that I am simply passionate, so for those that might find me a little outside of the box – I guess art appreciation takes on many shapes. So bear with my own standards and biases. I guess it is also essential to know that I like guys and that I am one eyed – so to set the perspective straight. (that sounded sexist, hahaha) Technically, I am one differently-abled guy, the gender preference is another thing though.


Lastly, I am just yet another ordinary guy who loves to live – and this blog is a niche, somehow, for my many little adventures, thoughts and what have you.




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