real life happy ever after

19 Oct

There would always be that one person with whom we saw forever with – and turned out ain’t even worth it. Dining out with a friend late last Wednesday, she told me that when you decide to fall and be in love, you open yourself into accepting all things. All things bad and good. But perhaps not everybody understands this. She noted that there really is no such thing as being tired; it’s just a lame excuse. She said sparks and all those mushy stuffs are only part of the movies, in real life its either you stick up with the person or you let them go. All things done in between are not born out of love, but mere bullshits we try to tell others so we don’t ‘hurt’ them.

We were both at the same boat. She ended her ties with her boyfriend for four years and I on the other hand, was told by the person I have been considering being with for a drag of time since I came back here that he was slowly letting me go. And since am the kind of a person that want either black or white and no shades in between when it comes to relationships, sorta pushed him into gushing out words I have never even realized might hurt me this much.

I fell for him, he fell in return, I said one stupid line (which now I believe isn’t really that stupid) and he lost the spark. Damn that spark. We then pretended that things are alright since that day to that recent flared up sitch he had. And now, am back on my own, taking comforts in the possibility that he was not even worth it. Indeed he wasn’t.

I believe in happy ever afters and I set standards, but only when you truly fall should you break all the rules. I broke mine for him, he didn’t for me. I have loved him dearly, he did for a while as he said, but I think, I know and now convinced he never did.

Love is fleeting, but a relationship takes effort – and that makes the difference between fairy tales and real life happy ever after. -Brent Tzu


2 Responses to “real life happy ever after”

  1. myangligaw October 23, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    oh love.. we cant live with it, we cant live without it. mystery it is. (big sigh) i will never fully understand. (double sigh)

    • Brent Tzu October 24, 2012 at 11:01 am #

      i beg to defer. we can live with it 🙂 madalas lang kasi tayong focussed sa romance. to quote a beautiful affair; ‘we have to go beyond romance. romance is easy, true love is not’ but in the end, its all about how we try to live with it. in the end, if it will fits, it would fit perfectly. 🙂

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