10 Oct


So I am supposed to be writing articles already. Its past nine and I haven’t even started one. I have been working as a copywriter for about four months now. Who would say I would land on a job like this. I saw myself training for JG Summit as management trainee, perhaps hopping through its conglomerates by now. After almost two years since I left Ateneo, I could have been doing marketing presentations now. Or should resources have permit, probably boring myself at law school already.


But things don’t happen our way.

The universe has better, greater order of things that we get to follow as fate dictates.



So now, every day I struggle to begin my day, to look for inspiration. Every morning of my life is a struggle in finding where am I gonna go. Am not going to live long, that’s something I have already accepted. That also puts even greater pressure, too.


With days left, how the hell am I really going to LIVE?


Every day is a beginning, it’s a clean slate. I don’t anymore give a damn to the mistakes I did in the past. But I carry with me lessons I have learned. After a cup of coffee, I try to plan my day, as how I might make the most of it.

And if I die in my sleep, a highly probably case for my condition, at least am sure I at least have lived yet another day to the fullest. So shall we begin?


Carpe diem.



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