standing on an unfamiliar ground

20 Aug

On my way to the movies yesterday, I dropped by the grocery to get something for me and Lil to munch on. It was not a typical day as there was a rather thicker crowd due to the long weekend. I grabbed some chips and two sodas; and headed towards the express counter. It was taking ages there, apparently, so I decided to look for another counter.

And found a line that I have never imagined I would be falling into – ever.

But since things have changed; I found my toes standing on an unfamiliar ground; one that I am slowly accepting.

Since I look extremely normal with my glasses on, the sales lady reminded that the line was supposed to be for senior citizens and disabled. I took a deep breath and tried to speak up. But I mumbled. Surprisingly, even my body seems to deny it still. But I guess, she then noticed, that I was allowed to make my payments there.

I am one eyed, technically (and legally) visually impaired. But since I have lived a really normal life before I completely lost my left eye’s vision, I find it hard to adapt to new things, to new pesky and perky things.

I would like to think though, that lining up in a senior citizen/disabled lane was a perky thing. Not to mention, a very bold move, a move of acceptance for me.

The night before, a friend was asking my thoughts on how to rid off insecurities, on how to fully accept the person that she is. In response, I texted her this…

Ask. Accept. It’s a two step process, two hard steps though.

I guess, I can say that I know how this process works now, I mean better now. It is not a limitation to have such of this condition. Together with the many others differently-able out there, I am proud to say that we are; I am different. It is not really a weakness to be different. And yes we might require special treatment on certain cases, but that never warrants us the limitation. It does not make us weaker. But rather it makes us stronger; to be able to live quite like other normal individuals, in spite of our difference.

Acceptance is something that we give ourselves. It is not something that others would give us, it comes from within. Love the person that you are and the world would love you back – no questions asked.


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