just thinking aloud

16 Aug

The Fallen Series gave me an impression when one boring night I stumbled upon it on TV. It is not the series nor that hot half-angel half human Corbet, but this line, that captured me.

“Angels envy humans. Though immortal as they are, they were not born with will. Humans are fragile and weak, they have immortal souls but they are given a gift equal of that to the Father. They have will. Angels envy humans because they are bound to forever obey, whilst humans don’t.”


I would like to take off on that note. I would not really like to talk about anything common with this post. But consider this as an exploration of the premise of FOREVER. At the height of vampire series and all those immortal characters that we read and watch in silver screens; do you really see the beauty of living forever? Deviating from the catholic perspective of angels, should you be an angel with an immortal carcass, do you think you would be eternally happy?

Angels in the fallen series are doomed to follow, to forever be subdued. Synonymous I think to this premise is the concept of forever. Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga is an epitome of this feeling. To live forever, to breathe but not to live. Alike those angles from Fallen, the Cullens and all their kind are but envy of us humans.

Forever – is such a lonely word – said Edward in one of those books.

So where am I leading this post?

Well, it is simply to the question of to why we keep on wanting the impossible whilst we have all the joys possible at hand. This is I guess but me thinking aloud. Why do we keep on wantin to live forever if those who can (like Edward and those angels) envy the very weakness (and strength) that we have?

I would like to end this with a tweet I have seen days ago…

“Why try pursuing happiness if it’s the very pursuit itself that makes us unhappy.”

(just thinking aloud)


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