something profound

31 Jul

Everything profound has its way of mysteriously, surprisingly coming into our lives. They sometimes come in packages we never suspect, on times we never expect. Remember the first time you met your best friend? Ever recall that one instance that you were all so struck and so inspired by a thought. We doodle, we tweet, we blog and do many insane things just to express our joy that something profound has just happened.


Love too is profound. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and age and gender and what have you. I could remember many movies where the girl meets the guy or the guy meets his guy in totally unconventional places, in unsuspecting instances.

Love comes and goes. I would like to focus on the ‘come’ part though. I do acknowledge the fact though that sometimes it ‘goes’; talk about the many ‘love sucks’ and sad-me-with-a-broken-heart songs that proliferates our lives. But the thing is, just when we least expect it, just when we thought that we have lost it. The real thing comes.

He walks into your life in a plain shirt, no flowers, no music, and not even hot passion. But he just comes. Love is like that, it is so profound that it’s hard to tell when it’ll really knock.

But when it does, there is only one way to find out if it is really the one.

If it divides your life; into the part where he was not around and into the part when he walked into it – then that’s the one. Then that’s one profound thing that you should tweet about, blog and doodle and write a song about – it is something that you can go insane for.


Meanwhile, while that one shocking moment has not yet come. Let’s LIVE.


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