25 Jul

The Search for that one perfect man whom universe has conspired to be only yours – is an impossible quest. As there really is no one, not a single soul meant for another. Destiny is not a written thing; it’s something done, something built. To quote from that great old man on My Sassy Girl; ‘destiny is the bridge we build to the one we love’.  As to how many bridge, that I do not know. In life, we build bridges – many bridges actually. Most of them might crumble down, but for sure one – at least one, would be left for us to continuously use. It doesn’t matter if there’ll be someone else waiting on the other end. Some are fortunate to have a bridge that leads to some one –others are meant to build a bridge that leads to nothingness. Some are meant to love – and be not loved back. It’s the truth. We would all love in the course of a lifetime, but fortunate are those who would be really loved back. Others would have nothing but a bridge, and perhaps a memory of someone who used to be the destination of that. Love is many wonderful things. Even the absence of a person waiting in the end, what matters most really is the bridge. The memory of having loved truly is as comforting as being loved in return. Some may take this post as something sad, but no, look at this as something profound – and therefore, something worth celebrating.


2 Responses to “DESTINY”

  1. pauseforawhile July 25, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    yah.. i remember my mom giving me a copy of that cd.. hindi pa uso nun ang asian novelas dito sa Pilipinas.. she wrote on the cd “you know what destiny is? its building a bridge for someone you love..”… and from then on, i learned what destiny really means..

    for now, i can only sigh.. 🙂

    • behindtheseshades July 26, 2012 at 11:04 am #

      thanks for sharing the thought 🙂 thanks for reading my post too 🙂

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