So what happens?

18 Nov

In life, anything you do – would be insignificant. (Remember Me)

I do not know if it is me or my preconceived notion that am going to die young; that I really get too affected by anything about death, especially by dying young.


Within this week, two strangers died; well they aren’t total strangers to me. One is my sister’s friend, the other a schoolmate. I have vivid memories of the later while, of course, my sister has much of the former. It send chills to my spine just thinking about them, both died relatively young, just our age.


Am still devastated by the movie I have quoted, seen it ‘till the end – for the first time today. And damn, I cried. I was like 11 when the twin towers was bombed (hit by planes) and I don’t really have any relative experience, but, perhaps because of what I said above, I have had these strange feeling whenever its brought about, still do. Lives lost – that’s just too much.


But yet again, this is but reality. The world is beautiful – but there lurks fate, bad fate sometimes. And sometimes bad things happen, people die, things go wrong.


And so, in reflection to what Tyler quoted from Gandhi; damn right; my life would be insignificant in life’s far greater stretch. Even if I end up in history books – or at least in Wikipedia; it’s as is, life. And am lucky enough to still breathe and able to touch others still.


So take it in – good or bad – and live. Life’s short.


2 Responses to “So what happens?”

  1. MYANGligaw November 19, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    i dont know.. suddenly death is just like “no big deal anymore” to me.. guess i got so tired thinking about it already..

    if it comes, then it comes.. bahala na mga maiiwan ko di ba.. hehe 🙂

    i just realized, as much as i hope for so many things, i really don’t have time in my hands.. so, why worry and think about it again..

    bring it on!
    anytime 🙂

  2. behindtheseshades November 25, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    ntakot naman ako sa bring it on mo ate :)) hhhehe :))
    pero true, though it bothers me, some part of me agrees with you…
    part of my philisophy to LIVE IN THE MOMENTS as actually an implication of that ‘bring it on’ attitude too :))

    cheers to those who live and die! :))

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