7 Nov

This would be my first time to write about this here.

I have what I call ELMOs or Life’s Lil’ Memos; its a sort of something to remind me how wonderful life is amidst and in spite of…

Days ago my 15ish nephew told me that ‘Life’s simple’.

To most adults, we might take the line for granted.

But hey, isn’t he right. In retrospect, I have been into much but there are plain and simple stuffs in my life that have remain true. I may have gone through some rough times but the complications always end. And most of all, most of then ( I mean complications) are but my creation.

life's little joys(pictured here’s one of my lil’ joys, toe (on my toes and his) doodles by my nephew and me)

So my friends, let’s not forget to remind ourselves…

LIFE is SIMPLE, it has always been.


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