in the dark

28 Sep

I have hopes of one day becoming a star – literally.

Now, that was a joke; thing is I have hopes of one day becoming someone else’s star – or moon.

The moon and the stars, they have made many-a-hearts fall in love with them. Not even the brightest of days have made those they have charmed forget their beauty. Not even time has ripped from them the character of real charm. Not even the languages, not even the tongues of different mothers have made them fail to speak of calm and joy. They do not come out each night, but the world even on the darkest of nights has always known that they are out there, lovingly waiting.

All of as wants to be loved, and when the right time comes – all of us would find that one person that would make us his(her) only shining star, his(her) guiding moon. Meanwhile, while the clouds are dark – remember that out there, the moon and the stars patiently, lovingly waits.

brent tzu

May you find the courage and the joy in the dark – in the waiting.


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