28 Sep

Afflicted? Disabled? Probably different. Or maybe you simply belong to a minority – unfortunately.


When I was a kid, I have always prayed to God to make me special. In what way, I really don’t know. I just really wanted to be special. Perhaps, I wanted to be different, to be noticed, to be in the crowd and not among it. Perhaps I have wanted a spotlight of my own, a life way too me.


But as I grow older, I start to realize that we are indeed special. Each of us is unique, so I am special already – in my normal self. But still, I have that lil’ hope praying inside me – to be really special.


And then life happened.


One day I woke up with an unbearable pain. And the rest of my health battles followed.

Until I finally lost my left eye’s vision.


Afflicted with pain, legally disabled (or as they call now, differently-abled) – I asked Lord, WHY ME.

And then I have found an answer on an unsuspecting afternoon.

brent tzu

There are about how many billion unique normal people – that are striving hard to be different, lucky are US that we are a level ahead.   Blessed are those who are disabled, those who are afflicted – those who are simply different because we stand out. And don’t you ever take that as something bad, we were placed at a position that’s beyond normal – beyond ordinary – beyond common. Like super heroes given a different role, like actors and actresses given the spotlight – we are different.


Always remember…

GOD made us extra special – and with extra special, I mean really really special.


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