23 Sep

I turn 21 today.

21. Although most consider the age 18 as the coming of age, it’s with @1 that I associate that to. In the Philippines, come that age, a person is usually a college graduate already – ready to face the world head on. Lucky for me, I was just about to turn 21 when I finished my Bachelor’s. and that day is, of all days, yeah, NOW.

So what’s up with me – and this day.

Nothing much really. Circumstances had made it, quite ordinary – not bad though.

I woke up as early as 5, had to prep up for the Healing Mass that my sisters have been so eager that I attend. So I did. A few minutes pass six in the morning, I was driving off to Centro. We had to commute then from there to the venue since it’s not that safe that I drive given my eye condition now. Anyway, we were at the High School campus of Divine Word College shortly after.

The crowd was really ( okay, thinking of a word now ) TEEMING, really teeming.

Check this panoramic picture I took.

The mass was atypical, I have to admit, I also did eat a lot of Fr. Suarez’ homily.

His message was typical though, but I’m quite delighted because it reaffirmed my faith.  Cheesy, but hell yah, I just feel more secure with myGOD ever since my eye operation and the many other things that has recently transpired.

As a gift for myself, I bought one of those bracelet-rosaries they sell  for the foundation’s benefit, talk about good cause huh 🙂  Here’s pic…

An hour before lunch I was heading home.

and the rest of the day was spent on the net and the simple dinner that we had at home – and that – yes that sweet oh sweeter than sweet red ribbon cake.

Turning 21 isn’t that bad at all. Turning of age isn’t that bad.


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